Delicious and appetite

Rice milk porridge is an ideal option for a very tasty and incredibly healthy breakfast.
Even those children who don’t like milk and don’t want to eat porridge will appreciate my cooking option. Description of preparation: Cooking milk porridge is not difficult even for a young housewife. My step by step recipe on how to cook rice milk porridge will help you understand it and do everything right, so that the result is a tasty and satisfying dish. I often cook milk rice porridge for my son, he eats it with pleasure. I love this porridge so much. I like that it is tasty both alone and with various additives, I often put fresh and canned fruit (strawberries, bananas, apples) in it, which give new flavors to porridge.

Rice – 200 grams
Milk – 500 milliliters
Water – 200 milliliters
Sugar – 1 tbsp. a spoon
Butter – 30 grams

Milk rice porridge is ready. Serve with a cube of butter, biscuits, nuts and fruit. Enjoy your breakfast.